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Over 70% of today's workforce is experiencing some version of burnout.

Do you recognize any of these symptoms?

Persistent Fatigue

You wake up tired, regardless of how much sleep you've had.

Lack of Motivation

You' are completely demotivated towards things that used to be exciting.

Emotional Symptoms

You are constantly anxious and/or sad and can't understand why.

Poor Performance

Your performance has started to decline and you can't help it.

If You Recognize These, You May Be Having Burnout Symptoms, and I Can Help You Turn That Around!

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You can overachieve without burnout!

Let's pause, recenter, and define success in your own terms.

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I am a well-being coach guiding business leaders, like you, to overcome burnout, heal, and get your mind and your energy to work for you.

Neysha Arcelay



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